Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Numbered Judgment Series

The 3 numbered judgment series are the 3 sets of God’s judgments that are numbered in the Book of Revelation i.e., 7 seals (Rev. 6), 7 trumpets (Rev. 8-9), 7 bowls of wrath (Rev. 15-16). They describe 21 judgments to be released against the Antichrist’s empire in the Tribulation.

The book of Revelation is called the revelation of Jesus because it reveals His heart, power and leadership in preparing the nations for God’s glory. The Father’s purpose in giving us this book is to reveal the majesty of Jesus. It is secondarily a book about events in the End Times. If we read Revelation with the right perspective, it causes us to adore Jesus and to trust His leadership.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants--things which must shortly take place… (Rev. 1:1)

The events prophesied in Revelation are so significant. They include Jesus returning to earth to establish His Kingdom as He releases His judgments, and casts Satan into prison.

We must teach and meditate on these themes regularly so that the “fog of unbelief” lifts off of our mind concerning these unprecedented historic events. We do not see these events with clarity until we get familiar with what Scripture says about them.

The primary theme of the Book of Revelation is Jesus coming back to earth in context to judging the Antichrist’s empire in the Great Tribulation for 3½ years. The secondary theme is tribulation against the saints from the Antichrist (Rev. 12:12; 13:4, 8).

Revelation is the end-time Book of Acts. It is the acts of the Spirit through the end-time Church. As Moses released God’s plagues on Egypt through prayer, and as the apostles released His power in the Book of Acts through prayer, so the Tribulation will be released by the praying Church. The miracles of Exodus and Acts will be combined and multiplied on a global level.

The Book of Revelation is a canonized prayer manual that equips the Church to partner with Jesus in confronting Satan’s authority. Nothing like this has ever happened in history where hundreds of millions are unified with an infallible prayer guide revealing Jesus’ battle plan.

The end-time prayer movement under Jesus’ leadership will release His judgments through prayer (Rev. 5:8; 6:9–11; 8:3–5; 9:13; 10:6; 14:18; 16:7; 19:2). We need not fear the Great Tribulation as powerless victims. We stand boldly as Jesus’ Bride who releases it by prayer.

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